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Popular Activities in Sri Lanka Jeep Safari / Habarana/ Yala/ Wilpattu / Udawalawa / Wasgamuwa
jeep safari in sri lanka, habarana jeep safari, yala jeep safari , wilpattu safari, udawalawa jeep safari , minneriya jeep safari about Jeep Safari Sri Lanka 's conservation efforts for fauna and flora dates back to 3rd century BC with the first recorded protected reserve in Mihintale, which believed to be the birth place of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, despite being a small Island it is gifted with many wildlife attractions such as Big Games Parks, Rain Forests and Scenic Forests & Mountainous Reserves. Some of these offer easy safari game viewing by Jeeps while others required to be explored only by walking/trekking.

Sri Lanka is popular for its large population of Leopards and Elephants. But there are many other species like Sloth Bears, Crocodiles, Different varieties of Deers, Monkeys, and over 400 varieties of Birds which over 200 are resident and 26 are endemic.

Following are the most visited and most popular National parks and Protected Reserves in Sri Lanka, Hurulu Eco Park, Watsugamuwa National Park, Yala National Park, Udawalawa National Park, Wilpattu National Park.
Most Visited and Most Popular National parks
  • Kaudulluda National Park

  • Minneriya National Park

  • Yala National Park

  • Wasgamuwa National Park

  • Wilpattu National Park

  • Udawalawa National Park
  • White Water Rafting / Kithulgala
    kithulgala water rafting, white water rafting in sri lanka kithulgala sri lanka About White Water Rafting Sri Lanka Windsurfing is a popular water sport among the foreign tourists who visit the palm fringed pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. The most popular surfing beaches of the island are Hikkaduwa of South Western coastal belt and Arugambay (International surfing competition venue) of Eastern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Since the early 60's Sri Lanka attracts surfers from all over the world. The windsurfing opportunities offered in Sri Lanka attracts the amateur windsurfers as well as the world class windsurfers participating in international windsurfing competitions.

    Advantages in Windsurfing in Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka being a tropical island, the wind surfer do not need to wear protective clothing against the cold winds in the beaches. However, a protective coating of lotion would save your skin from the bright tropical sun of the Indian Ocean.

  • Sri Lanka affords the opportunity to locate a windsurfing beach in line with the skill level of the windsurfing enthusiasts: from beginners to Professional Windsurfer. The tranquil waters of the Bentota river or any of the coastal lagoons or Sri Lanka's ancient vast irrigation reservoirs offer ample opportunities to every novice to cut his teeth in windsurfing so that he would dare taking the challenge of the ocean.

  • Sri Lanka's windsurfing tour packages offered by the tour operators and wind surfing clubs are affordable in comparison to the major windsurfing destinations of the world.

  • Sri Lanka Windsurfer support For beginners of windsurfing, Bentota of the south-western coastal belt offers windsurfing facilities, such as the hiring of boards and sails. The Club Intersport and Sunshine Watersports Centre are the main ones. Sunshine Watersports Centre is the only VDWS (Association of German windsurfing and watersport schools) -certified surf school in the island providing the necessary training and professional certification.

    Sri Lanka Windsurfing season Sri Lanka's Climate is such, the tropical island is hardly out of season for the windsurfing. However, the main seasons are during November to April in the South western and Southern coastal belt and April to September in the Eastern coastal belt. The windsurfing clubs and hotels in the windsurfing beaches are always at hand to advise on strong currents and undertow whenever and wherever those exist.

    "Never do it if you don't have the experience, never do it alone and have a supervisor at all times and check with the local authorities to see if the Weather and sea current conditions are right to windsurf. The new trend is to go kite-surfing but do it at approved centres because it takes a great deal of skill and expertise to do it."

    Thushal Gunawardena, (ranked among the top 10 at the World Windsurfing Championships of 1992), Sunshine Water sports Center, Aluthgama, Sri Lanka.
    Hot Air Ballooning / Dambulla / Ahungalla
    hot air ballooning sri lanka, balloon ride in sri lanka About Hot Air Ballooning Hot Air Ballooning is unique from all other forms of flight as there is little sensation of motion or perception of height. Balloons travel with the wind & at the same speed, which makes for one of the magical sensations of the flight. 'Sensational tranquility' is how many describe it whilst others as 'surreal, peaceful and quiet'.

    Floating at heights of 500 to 2000 feet on average, this feeling of peace and tranquility is apparent from the extent of sighs & smiles as the earth seems to slowly descend & rotate below you whilst the views rapidly expand. After the excitement of the takeoff (and its preparations with the inflation of the balloon), within moments you are at ease & in awe of the lofty spectacle while you effortlessly drift over the treetops, wildlife, lakes & rivers, cultural sites, local urban homesteads & landmarks like Sigiriya Rock.

    Ballooning adds an intimacy with the landscape & people that most guests volunteer as 'an experience of a lifetime' whilst floating over the Sri Lankan countryside in gentle, panoramic harmony with nature. Apart from the occasional burst of the burners there is little to disturb the unusual noiseless environment. Your Typical Flight A sunrise hot-air balloon flight is a complete morning travel experience starting with your arrival at our meeting point (Kandalama Hotel) in the heart of the Cultural Triangle shortly before sunrise. From here we transfer you to the takeoff point normally at the edge of the Kandalama Tank (Lake) just meters from the hotel. The preparation and inflation of the balloon, flight briefing, takeoff, the flight, landing & retrieval plus return to your hotel after a champagne breakfast is, in all, about 3-4 hrs. You'll be back at your hotel in time generally by 8:30-9:00am

    A typical flight is scheduled for take-off commencing soon after dawn to take advantage of the cool morning atmosphere and view the landscape also waking to a new day. The exact start time varies depending on the season and will be nominated when you make your reconfirmation call between 4 pm and 5 pm the day prior to your flight. Generally the arrival time at the launching point is 0630am.

    On the morning of your flight you will receive a wake-up call one hour prior to the meeting time. This call is put through ONLY if the weather is suitable for a flight. Cancellations are rare! No call - No flight! But you must be in reach of a telephone or be able to be reached i.e. via your hotel. On the assumption that Sunrise is at approx 0700hrs then the following would apply as a typical flight.
    Mountain Biking & Cycling / Habarana / Ella / Sigiriya / Kithulgala
    cyclig tours sri lanka, mountaing biking and cycling in sri lanka About Mountain Biking & Cycling Cycling in Sri Lanka is an excellent way to enjoy the lovely sceneries of Sri Lanka. The network of main roads and innumerable country roads, gravel paths, foot paths, cart tracks, dirt tracks and estate tracks make the all corners of the small island accessible to the cycling enthusiasts holidaying in Sri Lanka.

    The terrain throughout the country offers challenges for beginners and experts; though cycling in the plains aren't tiresome, the Central Highlands could be demanding. However cycling in the Central Highlands is rewarding too in view of the landscape studded with tea plantations running seamlessly over the ranges of hills, terraced rice cultivation and farmlands.

    Sri Lanka's varied landscapes also bring about the perceptions on cultural heritage and experiences in rural village life to the tourists cycling in Sri Lanka. Cycling through rice fields and rural villages; through tea covered hill country, taking the coastal roads of the south western and southern coastal belt, riding over the cultural triangle studded with monuments, renovated monuments and ruins of ancient Sri Lanka reward all the cycling enthusiasts in invaluable scale and scope.

    Though cycling is enjoyed in exploring the island, cyclists ought to be extra careful in the main roads: the hurtling buses, zig-zagging three wheelers could push to the cyclists into tight corners.
    Elephant Back Ridding / Habarana / Sigiriya
    elephant back ridding sri lanka, habarana elephant safari, elephant back safari sri lanka About Elephant Back Ridding Elephant Back Safari in Sri Lanka brings in multifaceted joys. The majestic beast, the locations in close proximity to the cultural attractions and the terrain rich with bird life all add up to bring in memorable experiences to the tourists holidaying in Sri Lanka. Elephant Back Safaris are one of the newest and most thrilling safari experiences in Sri Lanka. These Elephant Back Safari not only make it possible to view wildlife from the back of an elephant, but perhaps more importantly, provide the unique opportunity to share a day in the life of the elephant.

    Elephant Back Safaris not only make it possible to view wildlife while riding an elephant, but also to view the wildlife enthusiasts chances to be familiar with the nature and behavior of tamed Elephants. The holiday makers may opt to share a day with the majestic beast by picnicking in the bush in the shadow of the elephant or by swimming, grooming, feeding the elephant too. The most popular locations of Elephant Back Safaris are Habarana and Sigiriya.

    All Elephant Back Safaris are accompanied by the mahout. A wooden saddle, a basket like enclosure upon a wooden platform is large enough to carry four passengers. Riders needs to be on alerts to stoop down on and off to being knocked by the overhanging branches of trees along the path.

    Habarana located 210km north east from Colombo is the transit point of the large herds of wild elephants at the National Parks of Minneriya and Kaudulla. Habarana is a popular location among the wildlife enthusiasts and nature tourists. Moreover, Habarana being the central location of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, the culture tourists touring therein too grab the opportunity to enjoy an Elephant back safari in Habarana.

    The irrigation reservoirs and waterways of the area bring in a riverine terrain where the elephants would wade through, or swim to reach the banks in the farther end. The ride would also takes place over the main road, the pathways, villages, jungles, swamp and river.
    Ayurvedic Herbal Massage / Habarana / Sigiriya
    ayurvedic herbal massage sri lanka About Ayurvedic Herbal Massage Ayurveda is one of the worlds oldest approaches to medicine. This is an ancient healing system is based on 5000 years of tradition. Also this healing system has been use for more than 5000 years in India & Sri Lanka. Still today in Sri Lanka approximately 60% of the population are treated with healing system. Ayurveda an approach to healing that has been proven and tested over thousands of years and that only uses medicines that are found in nature.

    The major source of Ayurvedic knowledge is the "Vedas" the sacred texts of knowledge of Hindu God called Load Brahma, (MAHA BRAHMA). The God Maha Brahma introduced this healing system for both achievement of "Enlightment" and also to prevent from disorders. "Ayurveda" published two Ayurvedic sub categories such as "Three Dosha" and "Panchakarmaya". Three Dosha:

  • VATHA (Air)
  • PITHA (Bile)
  • KAPHA (Phlegm)

  • This healing method that does entirely without chemicals. Health means harmony between BODY and SOUL. Ayurveda Re - Establishes the balance between body and soul. Maintaining and Re - Establishing health has always been the aim of Ayurveda. I you adopt a preventative approach and avoid anything that has a damaging influence on your body and soul, you will be able to preserve your health. Ayurveda will assist you with this healing method.
    Nature and Village Trekking / Hiriwadunna (Bullock Cart Ridding / Catamaran Ridding / Village Lunch)
    About Hiriwadunna Nature and Village Trekking HIRIWADUNNA is just 02 Km (05 minutes - drive from Habarana, The trek through the archetypal Sri Lankan Typical village. The trek begins with an awesome walk along a bund of a Wewa or manmade reservoir. The reservoir itself, the surrounding scrub jungle, marshland and village are a hive of early morning or an evening activity. The amazing birdlife, butterflies and possible sightings of crocodile only add to the charm of seeing the villagers as they go about their early morning tasks of fishing, or washing clothes at the periphery of the lake.

    Bullock Cart (Double Ox Cart) which will transport through the next phase of the adventure. The journey continues through dense shrub forests, Paddy lands and other home to many forest birds and other wildlife including monkeys, bear, wild hares, python, Mongose, and even elephants. Sightseeing of the rural village life possible while on the cart ride. Lie back and enjoy the flashes of blue sky through the cover of the trees as the carter expertly guides his animals.

    Catamaran Safari - (Double paired canoe joined together with seating facility) at the scenic lake & Wade through a shallow stream and the sense of adventure heightens when you need to get a Chena Cultivation via a somewhat wider tributary which needs to be crossed on a Catamaran!! At the Chena cultivation you will stop to enjoy the farmer's humble hospitality. Perhaps enjoy a drink of sweet King Coconut/Aromatic ginger tea or some other seasonal fruits. Chance of experiencing bird watching while on the Catamaran such like Peacocks, green pigeons,comorans,green bitters, variety of King fishers, Eagles and many more birds also land monitors even water monitors as well.

    Finally after experiencing the Cart ride and the Catamaran safari the next is the Traditional Lunch at a local house prepared by the village women. This is arranged on a typical & traditional Buffet style (Clay pots - buffet) served on a Lotus leaf and a cane thatched flat holder. The lunch includes: Rice with 06 authentic curries, Papadam, fried lake fish and a green salad. Desert: Seasonal fruits / Curd with trickle or honey. Mineral water bottle.

    * Includes a free Cooking Demonstration.
    * Guest partaking on Preparation of a curry.
    * Witnessing the traditional meal preparation methods by the local women.
    * A relax walk back to the main road by the lake bund.
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